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Client Comments

Some comments on Pocket PC Creations from clients worldwide.
Field Service Engineers in UK - May 2010

Thanks for the upgrade to version 6 which has some great additions for us. Just wanted to let you know the remote upgrade of Smartphones used by engineers throughout the UK was done via the 3G network without any problems.

Home Inspector in USA - October 2009

I must say, I have been using your software for a number of years now, and it just gets better and better. I have never had any issues, it has always worked flawlessly, and is very easy to customize to my needs. Thanks for such a great product.

Engineering company in USA - March 2009

Never has software that is so easy to use generated such powerful business applications so quickly.

Food Delivery company in USA - December 2008

Thanks again for your help. I love your product for ease of use and flexibility!

Building Services Monitoring company in UK and Australia - November 2008

I have to say what a fantastic product, our system for monitoring systems of control was just in front of our competitor here in the UK and just starting out over there in Aus with your system spliced into ours wow, we just blew the competition out of the water.

Field Service company in UK - November 2007

I am not sure if you know how good your product is. I have restructured the UK service operation using PDA’s and your software, and the benefits have been amazing. We now have one of the best service organizations in the UK, and one of the major factors in our success is PPCC.

Energy multinational in USA - February 2007

We have been using your software since January 2003.  It is a remarkable product and has solved many many problems for us here.

Construction Consultants in UK - November 2006
Our projects with PPCC are going well, we’ve secured around £100,000 of work because we can survey and capture information in a database format cheaper than anyone else!!

Transport support in Spain - September 2006
We have researched wireless computer support for our trucks for 2 years and now finding your Pocket PC Creations is a breakthrough. The wireless connection is simple to set up and is reliable. Thank you CreativityCorp.

Webmaster in USA - August 2005
I also wanted to tell you I've been designing systems solutions for over 10 years now, and your product is (without a doubt) one of the most intuitive and progressive I've ever used.  This is going to save our inspectors boatloads of time with their paperwork functions. Keep up the good work and innovation!

Communications technician in USA - July 2005

I have purchased Pocket PC Creations, what a great product.  How did I ever survive without this.  This is something that I have needed for years.  I am responsible the technical side of a communications center.  This product allows me to create trouble reports, daily checklists, after hours reports and a whole lot more.  I can easily print these off and forward them to management for review and reporting.

Sales Manager in UK - July 2004

Thanks. We modified the Sales Force project for our car accessories range, and now our sales team send orders direct to our head office database from their XDA Pocket PC mobile phones. We saved thousands of pounds using Pocket PC Creations compared to other wireless software quotes we received, so our CEO was very happy.

Geologist in USA - December 2003

We all think the software is great. It has become an integral part of our field work. Its convenience makes it easier to collect more detailed data. It also removes the data-entry phase where additional errors can occur. When a geologist for a private company requested our data the week we got back from the field, instead of it residing in a stack of notebooks, we were able to post all of the data on the web the next day.

Energy Supply in USA - September 2003 

I must first say what a GREAT product you have come up with. We have created an Operator's Round checklist, among numerous projects within the short trial period, which has significantly reduced our man-hours by at least 2/3 the time it previously took. This has eliminated the numerous times it took to enter the information. 

Manufacturing in Israel - September 2003

The things I did with your software in 30 minutes of my time, took the competing project 25 days of software engineering work.

I think this fact is more than enough to express what is my opinion on your 

Facilities Survey in USA - June 2003

In the last two months we have completed the Round 2 survey process, where 225 stations were surveyed using the 800+ question survey created with your tool. Thank you very much for all your help and the terrific software that your team has created. This is by far one of the best out of the box, easy to use, piece of software out there; without it, people would not be able to effectively use Pocket PC's in the workplace worldwide.

Market Researcher from USA - May 2003

Great product. I have already completed development of 2 projects with your product after only a day of learning the tool.

Geologist from USA - February 2003

We are excited about using this software to streamline our data collection in the field. The digital sample card we've designed using your software will make rock and sediment sampling in the field, faster, more accurate and with less data entry errors. I know several other geologists who are already using your software in field applications.

On release of Version 3.0, from USA - November 2002

I've been eagerly awaiting the upgrade for my PPCC software. I keep saying this is a great package and I've developed several software programs on it for my own use.  I love it.

Communications Technician from USA - September 2002

I purchased the 5 user license for Pocket PC Creations and I absolutely love the flexibility and ease in setting up my own personalized applications. I am using primarily to track a large data base for site specific information and updating the information in the field for master tracking and this is working great.

I also have to Highly Commend "Pocket PC Creations" for their speedy and in depth tech support I have gotten replies in less than 1 hour. Keep up the good work!

Large project/application developer from USA - June 2002

Bravo! I've just used Pocket PC Creations in my first "real-life" data-collection environment. My app (containing 60 pages and over 1400 collected data points) performed flawlessly.

Home Inspection business owner from USA - April 2002

I’ve been using your Pocket PC Creations program for a couple of months now and just had to write and say “fantastic job”!  I own a home inspection franchise and report writing is a big part of the job.  So I thought I would give it a try with Pocket PC Creations and was amazed at how simple your program made the process.

Graphic designer from Scotland - March 2002

Your program is wonderful. It's so nice being able to work visually on the project files, and the array of things it can do - well, it's just plain fun. There's a nice latitude, too, for making the applications look completely different from one to the next, which as a professional pixel-monkey I love.

Sales team leader from Estonia, use with GPRS mobile phones - March 2002

Oh My God, but it seems to me that it WORKS!!! Thank You 

Medical specialist from Belgium - February 2002

Your system makes this a breeze. Great, great tools you made available. I cannot applaud this enough. I have developed database applets before, used Pendragon forms on the Palm (nice tool also) but yours beats everything as to rapid deployment. Congratulations again and again.

Security business from USA - January 2002

Your software is great. I created my first application within two hours of downloading Pocket PC Creations.

Mobile phone business from USA - January 2002

The program you have developed has given me the extra power I was needing to get an iPAQ in the hands of every one of our sales reps. Thank you!

Police Officer from USA - January 2002

Thanks!! You have been GREAT! I have never had such superior support that you and the company Pocket PC Creations have given me. TWO THUMBS UP!!!! In fact so far to this date NO other company has been so prompt and helpful.

From Germany - December 2001

Reliable and easy to use. Suits my needs for capturing information and takes minutes when away from the desk. Transferring the data is reliable. Once the idea is clear an application is set up in no time at all. Very good compromise of simplicity in handling and complexity in purpose. Nice product!

Geologist from Australia - November 2001

First used it out in the field yesterday arvo in full sunlight (read bloody hot!!!) and visibility wasn't a drama. Reckon it saved me at least 3/4 hour in the field (which is good when it is 40 degrees plus) and probably 2 hours in the office already so by my reckoning it has paid for itself already!!!

Police Officer from USA on Cost Savings - April 2001

And, unless I'm mistaken, Pocket PC Creations just saved the PD here $100,000! A local company quoted us a price of about $120,000 for devices and software to document traffic stop profiling (that included software and hardware). I figure I can buy 50 devices and 50 PPCC licenses, use the app it took me 2 hours to write, and still come out under $20,000! That's pretty damn cool!!