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Format strings of data for more power in Pocket PC Creations, using the Formatter custom point. 
Formatter enables arbitrary pieces of information to be combined and formatted into a string, based on certain formatting parameters. This string is then made available to other points for processing (eg Math, Logic, plus Session List Columns and Session Identification) and for output via the Data Pathway.

The Formatter point itself does not appear on a page, it is always invisible. Its value / string is always accessed from other points, eg the Layout point if it is to be displayed.  

The properties dialog has a format string editor, which includes a helpful token inserter. This allows points to be chosen from the project graphically and inserted. To operate, simply place the cursor where you want to insert, select a point name from the list, choose the formatting specifications you desire (string or number, width, precision), and hit Insert.

The format string follows the standard used in the Layout point and point captions for parsing. Point names are enclosed in <% x %> where x is the point name. To add space between items, just add some > eg < . A constant value or text can be included in the format string by reference to a 'hidden' Edit point with data set as default.

The additional numeric formatting features are enabled by placing some brackets after the point name, eg <% x(8.3) %>. These numbers tell the point to format to 8 characters, with 3 decimal places. So the number will always look like XXXX.XXX. Leading and trailing zeros are added. The first number is the width, the second the precision. Both are optional.

Strings can also be formatted to length, eg <% x(10) %> ensures the string is at least 10 characters long. If necessary spaces are added to the left (padding).

Pocket PC Creations version 6 installation now includes custom points.