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Projects Cleaning QA

Project: Cleaning QA (menus opposite)

Developed by: CreativityCorp Pty Ltd

Description: Cleaning Quality Assurance project to check the cleaning of your building.

Assess the cleanliness of your building with Cleaning QA. Use the checklist and score that your cleaners are using to see if you are getting good value from your cleaning contract. Amend the Cleaning QA project to your specific requirements in Pocket PC Creations.

Cleaning QA features:
  • Assessment of Access, Floors, Walls, Doors and Stairs, Windows and Furniture, Kitchen and Lunch Room, Toilets, and QA Requirements. 
  • Scores and calculates percent score based on relevant areas.
  • Record of Action required.
  • Capture results in Excel, HTML, Access, SQL Server and other databases.

Check your Cleaning today.

Copyright:  No copyright for this demonstration project. Make a copy, and enjoy modifying in Pocket PC Creations to set up your cleaning or other QA services, the free online Skills tutorial provides support.

Cost:  Free, download Cleaning QA