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Beauty consultant

Project: Beauty consultant, sales support for the popular Mary Kay beauty products (menus below) complete with Order printing template. 

FREE TRIAL available.
Pocket PC is not necessary to run Trial.

Developed by: Westcott Creations in Washington State, USA.

Description: Support for sales of the wide range of Mary Kay beauty products.  Manages hundreds of products and records sales for up to 20 products with calculations of totals less sales taxes and discounts.  Sales records can be conveniently exported in seconds to Excel, HTML, Access and other databases. Print Order using HTML Template supplied with project. Easy to maintain accurate records of individual customer interests for future sales presentations. Beauty consultant is not affiliated with nor endorsed by Mary Kay Inc.

Contact:  US$39.99 purchased at Handango with FREE TRIAL available.

Customer detail page Product order page


The Customer page makes use the  Outlook Point function which enables importing of contact/customer information from Microsoft Pocket Outlook in the field. New customers can also be entered into Outlook from Pocket PC Creations in the field. Microsoft Outlook can import client/customer information from many sources for synchronization with Pocket Outlook.

The Product order page manages hundreds of products, codes and prices through easy-to-use Drop Lists, with instant calculations.

Generate Excel spreadsheet reports in seconds. The last thing you want after a good day of sales is tedious paperwork and reporting to dampen the sales spirit.