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Projects Daily Drill Report
Project:  Daily Drill Report (see menus below)

Developed by: Mandt Enterprises Pty Ltd, Western Australia
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Description: The Drilling industry's typical paper-based recording and reporting on daily drilling activities and performance has been 're-invented'.  Daily Drill Report is a combination of activity report, cost calculator and guidance for a day's drilling.  No more wasting up to an hour at the end of a long day calculating metreage, consumable and hourly costs, or dealing with the problems of faxing drill reports from remote areas.  Standard input fields ensure each drilling report provides consistent information for building client invoices and management information. Client approval ensures the client knows what each day's drilling activity and costs are before invoicing.  Saves drilling company resources by reducing pre-printed stationery needs and ensuring consistency and accuracy. Send reports wirelessly or via the Internet using Pocket PC Creations wireless features. Reports can be generated in seconds in Excel or HTML in the office, for prompt invoicing. Report data can also be exported into databases (eg SQL Server, Oracle, Access, SAP) for storage and analysis. An improved and faster system that benefits both drilling company and client.

Guidance notes: Guidance support throughout, supporting menu pages and points. Guidance is just a tap away in the field.

Audience: Drilling contractors will find this application a must for streamlining data collection about in-the-field drilling operations.  Mining companies will find its use of Pocket PC Creation's advanced features provides a useful template for developing their own applications.

Copyright: Mandt Enterprises Pty Ltd. One 'Daily Drill Report' is licensed to a Pocket PC Creations licence (the Pocket PC Creations Team licence supports use on up to 5 Pocket PCs, see Buy page)

Cost: Contact CreativityCorp for enquiries.

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