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Project:  Home Inspection (menus opposite)  

Developed by:  Smitler Professional Inspections (Ohio, USA)

Description:  A breakthrough for quality and productivity in the extensive Home Inspection service industry. Low cost software that eliminates tedious paperwork. Home Inspection comes with everything you need to create professional inspection reports.   Within minutes, you can install and customize Home Inspection to create personalized customer reports from the inspection data you capture on your Pocket PC.  Home Inspection has over 300 points to quickly and easily capture the inspection information your customers need, see scope of inspection in menus opposite.  NEW version 3 of Home Inspection now accepts photos and also includes separate sections for up to six bathrooms and six bedrooms. You'll be pleased with this simple yet powerful Home Inspection software and your customers will be pleased with your results. 

Home Inspection is supplied with a HTML template to produce informative and attractive reports for printing and storage.  Results collected during inspection load automatically into the template for printing. Inspection results can also be sent to Excel, Access and other databases for analysis. 

Copyright:  Smitler Professional Inspections, though purchasers may amend the content of Home Inspection for their own purposes and use.

Cost:  Contact CreativityCorp for a demonstration copy of Home Inspection.

Use a combined Pocket PC Mobile Phone to send reports back to the office

Inspection scope below.