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Projects Location Report

Project: Location Report (menus opposite) to demonstrate 'real time' publishing of data to the Internet via Pocket PC Creations wireless server and ioWeb database server. 

Developed by: ioGlobal Pty Ltd

Description: Download Location Report project and install on Pocket PC Phone or Pocket PC with Pocket PC Creations  software (Trial Pocket PC Creations):

  • Connect Pocket PC Phone to the Internet via Internet Explorer OR place Pocket PC in cradle connected to a desktop/notebook PC connected to the Internet

  • In Pocket PC Creations set up Wireless Options Enable wireless and a continuous connection, and Server as with Password ppcc2808 (see screen opposite)

  • Run a Location Report session for your location, and Finish session

  • Select session and 'Send Now' to wireless server

  • Click here to view your Location Report, along with reports from others.  In a real situation, you would need to enter a username and password for security

  • If you are interested in using the ioWeb mobile computing report publishing service for your business, email

Copyright:  No copyright for this demonstration project.

Cost:  Free demonstration

Use a Pocket PC Phone  

...or a standard mobile phone with Bluetooth link to Pocket PC, or via cradle and desktop/notebook PC connected to the Internet