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Project: Market Research; menus and free demonstration project downloads below.

Developed by: CreativityCorp Pty Ltd

Description: A market research example template to gather information in the field and export to SPSS, Microsoft Excel, SQL Server, Access or other database systems for research analysis. Data can be collected in many formats, including 1, 0, 99 for statistical analysis.

Link points can be used for quick navigation and the Logic point for conditional logic management of nested questions, and 'jumping' to other pages. 

Questions and Guidance notes:  Standardized questions and guidance notes lie in Guidance immediately behind the data record point, just a tap away. Tap point caption to ask the question, then tap the page to return to the recording point to record the answer.  For example: "Who owns the Pocket PC or Pocket PCs you use, is it your business, which could be your employer, or do you privately own the Pocket PC or Pocket PCs?  Guide: Accept both."

  No copyright for this demonstration project. Make a copy, and enjoy modifying in Pocket PC Creations to set up your marketing research, the free online Skills tutorial provides support.

Cost:  Free, download 'Market Research' project to see how it was set up. To check out how to set up questions using powerful conditional Logic points, download the 'Logic Test' project.

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