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Projects Neck Disability Index

Project: Neck Disability Index (see menus below)

Developed by: Physiotherapy International Pty Ltd

Description: The Neck Disability Index measures subjective symptoms associated with cervical pain and disability.  Similar in nature to the well known Oswestry Index, this Pocket PC assessment increases the objectivity of measurement of the patient's subjective symptoms.  The program can be used by a Clinician, or by the patient, and provides a simple scoring system as a reliable indicator of changes in symptoms. 

With the increasing demand for reliable measures of symptoms and of changes in symptoms, this program provides a fast and accurate tool in the management of pain and dysfunction.  It also allows for fast and easy recording and reporting of subjective symptoms in a standard electronic format. 

Scores are unlocked/shown by Clinician using a code. Score calculation is immediate, saving valuable time. No time/money wasted in information transfer from paper forms.

Results of assessments can be exported to Excel and HTML in seconds for viewing and print, and to other databases such as SQL, Access and Oracle.

Copyright: Nil

Cost: AU$80, contact  

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