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Projects Safety Induction
Project:  Safety Induction (menus shown below)

See also Safety Induction Cleaning and Safety Induction Construction

Developed by: WorkSafe International Pty Ltd

Description: Guidance and recording of safety induction and training for new employees and employees with changed duties. This system on a Pocket PC enables the induction points to be covered by the supervisor during an introductory walk through the workplace, followed by immediate assessment of the new employee to ensure the induction was effective. Records of induction and training can be saved in Excel spreadsheets, HTML for viewing and printing, and other formats (Access, SQL, Oracle etc). 

Workplaces without employee induction records are exposed under both statutory and common law, and should be! Injury rates to young and new employees are unacceptably high, world-wide.  Save the project provided, make a copy and amend to suit the specific induction requirements of your workplace.

Guidance notes:  Provided with induction points, just a tap away, see example below for Manual Handling Safe Work Practice point.

Copyright:  WorkSafe International Pty Ltd. Users/purchasers may copy the project and modify the application to their specific induction requirements; which is a major strength of the Pocket PC Creations system.

Cost:  Free if ordered bundled with Pocket PC Creations software, AU$80 if ordered separately.

Page or section menu Assessment on Pocket PC



Guidance with induction points


Supervisor 'unlocks'/shows score using a code.

Generate Excel spreadsheet reports in seconds (see below). The last thing you want after an important induction session is tedious paperwork and reporting, that dampens the interest in attending to safety.

The reports can also be exported to HTML in an instant to view and print, and through an ODBC channel to Access, SQL and other databases.