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Create powerful multi-column drop down lists with built-in support for filtering and formatting. 

UltraDrop Custom Point

  • UltraDrop extends the power of the standard Drop List point.
  • Custom Point properties.
  • Allows many columns of information to be stored with each selection.
  • Each column can optionally be used to set the value of a dependent point.
  • Selections can be filtered by matching a column with a precedent point.
  • Flexible text formatting allows one or more columns to be used to generate selection text (and output values).
  • Easy to use data input and editing, including tab-delimited text import.
  • Many applications in marketing, health, policing, mining and elsewhere. 

UltraDrop custom point is now included with Pocket PC Creations downloads (as of 3 January 2003). The UltraDrop point will be available in the 'Add New Point' window during project design.

Sales Force (go to main page)

Sales Force template project now included in Pocket PC Creations, amend to business requirements for effective sales support.

Note: amend Product data for Item 1 only, as Items 2 to 10 share data with Item 1, see Data Sharing below.

Learn about the mighty UltraDrop point below, and extend the power of your Pocket PC

Within the UltraDrop point any number of independent Columns can be created and named, ready to accept data. In this case, columns have been created to record different information about each product in the catalogue, such as its Name and Price.

Each column can be configured to output its value to another point on the page (or elsewhere in the project). If the Enforce outputs option is checked, these dependent points cannot be overridden manually, thus if output is to be edited on the Pocket PC, uncheck Enforce outputs.

Typically, data from columns is output to Edit and Math points. 

Tip: If sentences or paragraphs of text are loaded as 'data' into columns, output to Edit points which are full width and more than one line so the output can be easily read. 

The UltraDrop Data page is used to enter and edit the selections that will be offered to the user. Existing selection items are displayed in the list, and can be edited, deleted, and moved up or down the list. New selections can be added via the Add button.

When adding or editing a selection, a text entry field is displayed for each column that has been configured.

Data can be imported from a tab-delimited text file using the Import button. Each line in the file will be treated as a single selection, with the value for each column separated by a single tab character. If more columns are present in the file than in the UltraDrop point, they will be ignored. Tab-delimited text files can be exported from programs such as Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access.

Tip: After entering a new item, hold shift and press enter to immediately add another. This avoids having to click the Add button again.

The Options tab displays options which affect the Formatting behaviour of the UltraDrop point and it's Appearance on the project page.

Each selection in the UltraDrop point is displayed as a text string in the drop down list box. To create this text string for each selection item, the Display format string is used. The format string can combine one or more column values into a string of text, potentially adding other punctuation in the process. A similar format string is available for the Output of the point, which is recorded in the session results database, and seen by other points (such as Math points).

The format string is processed by replacing each instance of < ColumnName > with the value associated with that column.

The Advanced properties of the UltraDrop point support automatic Filtering of its selections based on the value of an external precedent point (in this example a Drop List point) and Data Sharing. When the Filtering option is enabled, only those selections whose value for the elected column matches the value of the elected point will be displayed in the UltraDrop point. Filtering can be driven by any point; for example, by an Edit point receiving bar code data from a scanner.

By default, if there is no value in the elected filtering point, the UltraDrop point will remain empty. This behaviour can be modified so that all selections will be displayed by default.

To use Data Sharing, simply turn it on and then select another UltraDrop point from the list (which will only show UltraDrop points). This will configure the current UltraDrop point to share data from the selected "base" point. Data cannot be edited data in the current point, as any changes need to be made to the base (copied) point.

It is important to ensure the column set up is the same in shared UltraDrop points, that is, the same number of columns (although they can have other names, and different management of the shared data).

This Data Sharing mechanism can dramatically reduce the file size of projects which have multiple instances of the same data, for example sales projects. It also reduces loading time.

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