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Pocket PC Creations
March 2010 version 6


Version 6: 'Mobile Data' on device, with 24 Functions in Design

Since Pocket PC Creations was introduced in 2001, it has earned a reputation as a high quality mobile data studio for businesses and governments worldwide. CreativityCorp supports Pocket PC Creations licence holders at the leading edge of mobile computing by providing timely and powerful upgrades at no additional cost.   CreativityCorp has welcomed suggestions from users of Pocket PC Creations and incorporated many as improvements in version 6. We have also modified Pocket PC Creations to support popular screen resolutions for large touch screens and the latest versions of Windows Mobile. There are enhancements to improve productivity in small and medium businesses, and for large enterprise deployments and government. Pocket PC Creations version 6 ensures Pocket PC Creations users continue to be leaders in their fields.

The client side of Pocket PC Creations software running on a Windows Mobile Smartphones and Pocket PCs is now called 'Mobile Data'. Providing flexibility for description of projects by enterprise users and Partners, and distinction from the design and server side of Pocket PC Creations. Popular screen 480x800 pixel WVGA and VGA resolutions and past 240x320 pixel QVGA screens are supported.
All of the 24 point functions in Pocket PC Creations are now included in the standard installation, available for use in design and deployment of Mobile Data projects. This enables easier management of large enterprise deployments and enhances convenience for 'bundling' software and projects for sale by Partners.

Pocket PC Creations has always provided powerful flexibility for mobile solutions, now there is even more with customised properties for each project running in Mobile Data, including auto-scroll and prevention of deletion of sessions. 

Other enhancements in Pocket PC Creations version 6
  • Greatly increased data holding capacity in UltraDrop point, 10,000 plus data items are easily managed. Three search/filter options, new options for separators in multi-select mode to enable composition of text for reports, and ability to insert and re-order columns of data.
  • Ability to duplicate sessions on client device and in server Data Window.
  • Simple export of session data to Excel and HTML by point captions in addition to point ID names (default).
  • New finger 'Touch-friendly' control for calendar in Date Time point.
  • Dynamic navigation via Link point using <%PointIDName%>, and to action functions on device, eg call customer via tel:<%BusinessTelephoneNumber%> on the way to the job.
  • Link point can present images for customised navigation.
  • New controls in client menus to 'Save progress', 'Lock columns' and to 'Exit' and close Mobile Data.
  • Client side menus reflect standardised Windows Mobile controls.
  • Ability to set up and maintain 'Wireless Options' from a text file.
  • New operators in Math point to generate random selections.
  • Functions of File point expanded.
  • New Data Script to assist tracking of sessions to and from wireless clients, being 'Sub OnAcceptSession (sGUID, sUnitID)'. This can be pasted into past projects.
  • Review of pages 2 to 7 of Skills tutorial and Help is recommended for detail.
Upgrade Process

Where possible, transfer sessions from client Smartphone or Pocket PC to server before upgrade from version 5 to version 6.  Note: (a) the C:\Program Files\Pocket PC Creations\Examples folder is replaced during upgrade, thus any files added to that folder under previous versions should be copied to another folder; (b) Pocket PC Creations version 6 will operate in Windows Mobile 6.5, 6.1, 6 and 5. Previous operating systems do not support all functions in version 6; and should continue to use version 5 (c) the previous client device side General Options are now set for each project in Design via Project > Properties > Options per image above.

Download: Pocket PC Creations Team, Personal and Lite licence holders please download version 6 using password issued on purchase and save to an appropriately named folder (eg Pocket PC Creations version 6). Close Pocket PC Creations on desktop PC before installing upgrade by browse to file and click to execute, and also close Pocket PC Creations on Smartphone or Pocket PC if installing via ActiveSync or Mobile Device Center (Vista and Windows 7). After install to Windows Mobile device the Start menu may need to be refreshed to see Mobile Data link (refresh by exit to Today screen and return to Start).

Upgrading remote Pocket PC Creations wireless TCP/IP clients:    

  • Pocket PC Creations version 6 server can wirelessly communicate with previous release version 5 clients and exchange sessions, but version 5 clients cannot accept projects that have been either developed or updated in version 6
  • Pocket PC Creations version 6 can automatically upgrade wireless version 5 clients. This is enabled via server Tools > Server Online > Offer PPCC upgrades. In most circumstances the TCP/IP settings and Unit ID will be retained on the client; however, on some devices they may be lost and thus the settings should be noted for re-entry in Options after wireless upgrade.

See Upgrade History for reference, previous version is 5.0.5; new version is

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